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Looking for a great color palette for the wedding? You will need only look to nature for your source of ideas. You will find color schemes as varied because the seasons, and you know when the colors blend well in nature, they will be harmonious for the wedding as well. These are some beautiful wedding color palettes inspired by nature. Though we’re only a few months into 2013, many of our brides and grooms are actually busy planning their weddings for 2014… And since a wedding color scheme must be among the first decisions before beginning other arrangements, we thought we’d share what our busy-bee forecasters have predicted would be the hottest and most sought after wedding color trends of 2014.
10 Swoon Worthy Neutral Wedding Color Palette Ideas
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The consensus? There’s without doubt that 2014 weddings will be extremely colorful!
Blues may reign once more together of weddings’most prevalent colors. The “color of trust” has gained in popularity in previous years in shades of blue-green, teal, peacock, and turquoise, but we expect you’ll see more monochromatic schemes of mid-tone blues in 2014 weddings. Sunrise / Sunset: For bold sun-drenched colors, use the sun itself as your inspiration. Shades of golden yellow, orange, and pinkish-red are simply gorgeous together. If you want, you are able to balance out the warm colors with a little bit of sky blue. Sunset colors will be suitable for a summer wedding, especially one by the ocean. Choose one of the main colors for bridesmaid dresses, and then utilize the rest in combination for sets from flowers to linens to stationery. Your signature cocktail? Tequila sunrise, obviously!
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Having the perfect color scheme to complement your wedding theme is essential. You are able to pick a great theme but when it isn’t well executed utilising the right colors; it is likely to have an anti-climax effect. The colors that you decide on for the marriage could be the typical ones that are related to the theme that you choose out. If you’re to own summer themed wedding; then green and pink would be the colors you need to be featuring. You can always use other colors if you’re sure as to how to mix them to produce the right effect. A Muslim wedding is a day of complete celebration for the bride, groom, their family and friends. Thus, it is an occasion for just one and all to celebrate. There’s now written rule of what must be worn and what should not be worn to a Muslim wedding. A whole lot depends on which area of the world you reside in, and the degree of rigidity accompanied by the Muslims there.
Rustic gray tan and lavender wedding color palette
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In a Muslim wedding, it’s the main day for the bride and groom. If you should be close in their mind and know very well what color they are wearing, avoiding those colors is just a must. This will make the bride and groom standout and make their special day a bit more special for them. Muslims have plenty of life inside their weddings. The weddings are calm and serene yet there is of fun and frolic too. Wearing white may be the tradition in a few areas but white can also be the funeral shade in some areas. So, if you’re in question avoid white. Black is known as as a funeral color in a few parts like so read the local customs, before deciding on the color. Every other color aside from this is sure to bring one to the exact same fun mood that they’re in.
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Woodsy: Nature loving couples will adore the shades within forests and woodlands for their wedding colors. Think shades of green like moss and fern, mushroom brown, cream, and bark. The green shades will be lovely for bridesmaids, and the cream tones well suited for the marriage gown and flowers. The bride may decide to wear unique handcrafted bridal jewelry in warm tones to complement the colour palette. If you prefer the thought of only a little contrast, bring in accents in deep violet, as you stumbled across a patch of violets in an unethical forest. Given the popularity of outdoor weddings and growing interests in sustainability and nature, green can be leading in the charts. Traditional palettes of avocado and pale herb-inspired chartreuse will remain popular, but expect mint, whose popularity has skyrocketed for 2013 weddings- to have some serious love too. Sunbaked shades will even take the forefront throughout the 2014 wedding season. Cool reds are steadily losing ground to ones with warm, yellow undertones. Oranges are becoming more and more prominent, and yellow has spent the past few years rocking the entire world of accent colors and showing no signs of slowing down. Bright green and pinks are a favorite in Muslim weddings. You’ve the liberty to create a style statement here. The thing you need to keep in mind is that the dress must certanly be modest. Oranges and yellows, red and maroons or if you wish to wear all rainbow colors, the option is yours. The dress should cover you arms and feet. Any thing, which is flowy, is surely bound to cause you to feel comfortable there.
10 Swoon Worthy Neutral Wedding Color Palette Ideas
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Peacock: Of course, there’s nothing to express that nature inspired hues have to be understated. If you really want to make a dash with your wedding design, take your cue from nature’s flashiest creature: the peacock. The vibrant and rich shades of peacock blue, purple, jewel tone green and gold are ideal for a bride who loves high style. Peacock colors will be absolutely stunning for a New Year’s Eve wedding! Not only will you decide on dresses, flowers, and linens in the fabulous color palette, you are able to incorporate real peacock feathers to the wedding. The colorful feathers would be amazing tucked into bouquets and centerpieces. The bride can even wear a special headband produced from crystals and peacock feathers which lay flat against the head. This kind of unique headpiece will call for equally special handcrafted bridal jewelry. Several simple and small things can be used to provide the wedding a theme; you should use a variety of candles, sea shells and pearls to offer the table an original look. You can get sea shells and fake starfish from the craft store and us them on the runner.
Beach Wedding Colours To Fit Your Style Bajan Wed
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You may get inspiration from the summer season you choose to own your wedding in or from a popular holiday that both you and your fiancĂ© like. Plenty of couples opt for a Valentine’s Day theme to make the wedding extra romantic; you need to use chocolates or chocolate covered fruit as table centerpieces or wedding favors. The colors you use will obviously be hues of red. As a man, wearing a simple suit or a tux to a Muslim wedding is considered okay. You won’t take the wrong dress, but if you want to merge with the crowd, you better ask someone in the family. They will be able to share with you just what their traditional dress is indeed that you can use one. Wearing gold and black are pretty common with Muslim men. Black could cause you doubts but with gold you may be rest assured, you are sure to appear one in the family. Wearing a Sherwani is another way to feel at home in the crowd.
pantone iced coffee inspired neutral wedding colors for spring 2016
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You can just center the wedding arrangements on your preferred area of the wedding such as the centerpieces. It’s easy to work a theme such as this if you have unique wedding table centerpieces like fruit arrangements or fruit bouquets. In addition to the color, a must is to appear after your accessories. Avoid taking something that is within the top. Wear your make-up – a black shade of lipstick will be preferable. Carry a small handbag or a purse. Wearing jewels on your forehead or temples will truly offer you that Muslim feel.If you have no one to help you, you can find Muslim designers whom you are able to contact. They will be able to inform you about colors and you will find great Muslim wedding attires with them. No designers near by, just walk as much as your computer and search online. You can find anything and everything you would like on Muslim weddings.
10 Swoon Worthy Neutral Wedding Color Palette Ideas
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Icy Blue: For a winter wedding, here is another color palette that appears like snow: brilliant white, icy blue, and touches of silver. It’s the right color scheme for a marriage in the frosty winter months. Incidentally, if you like the colors but find the “Winter Wonderland” theme to be too literal, as opposed to snowflakes, utilize the icy blue color group to generate an Art Deco inspired celebration. The cool sophisticated colors would be just right, and the sleek lines and high design of Art Deco would make for an ultra-chic wedding. You will get inspiration from the growing season you select to possess your wedding in or from a popular holiday that both you and your fiancĂ© like. Lots of couples opt for a Valentine’s Day theme to help make the wedding extra romantic; you can use chocolates or chocolate covered fruit as table centerpieces or wedding favors. The colors you employ will obviously be hues of red. You can simply center the marriage arrangements on your favorite area of the wedding like the centerpieces. It’s an easy task to work a theme similar to this if you have unique wedding table centerpieces like fresh fruit arrangements or fruit bouquets.
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Autumn Leaves: It may possibly not be probably the most original idea for a drop wedding, however the reds, oranges, and yellows of fall foliage are always beautiful together. To split up the hot colors, add touches of a dusty green or even a straw color. All of the natural elements of fall will lend themselves perfectly to decorating in this color palette: leaves, pumpkins, haybales, wheat, and berries will all combine easily to create a rustic and cozy feeling for your fall wedding.


Probably the most predicted types of pink are far more sophisticated versions of the raspberry and “ballerina” pinks we will see plenty of in this year’s weddings. Next year, brides and grooms will offer more mixes of magenta with paler pinks, creating what we’d describe as an elegant blush. Grey is the cornerstone of eclectic design… diverse with either warm or cool combinations; along with lends itself to unique patterns, that will be a lot more prominent in 2014 weddings. It sits alongside quite well with a kaleidoscope of clashing colors, that may without doubt promenade the runways in addition to the weddings in 2014. And as purple is having a step in 2014 from its immense popularity recently, it will still be found hinted in other colors like grey. A few simple and small things may be used to give the marriage a theme; you should use a combination of candles, sea shells and pearls to give the table an original look. You should buy sea shells and fake starfish from the craft store and us them on the runner.
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