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With Brides Magazine the world oldest and most widely read wedding magazine saying that brides and groom are “signaling a trend to keep beach bound” there is undoubtedly that there will plenty of couples looking for beach wedding ideas. So below are a few beach wedding ideas for the bride looking to have her wedding on the beach. Nothing is more romantic than getting married on the beach as sunlight goes down. Many places offer this panoramic view and can help you make the wedding your dream come true. These venues offer services that vary from assisting to plan the wedding to the reception. When you hit the net and start searching for that special beach wedding venue, here are a few things that you should consider before generally making your decision. I view any outdoor venue included in God’s Cathedral. I’ve had weddings in garden areas surrounded by tall pine trees, giving a wonderful feeling of a cathedral. There is a nearby venue in the Rio Grande Valley that has rows of tall palm trees which also presents the majestic aura of a cathedral. But, nothing connects me with the presence of God just like a beach wedding. The fullness of nature combines its elements on the beach like no other put on earth. There’s the sound of the surf, the openness of the ocean breezes (or winds), the calls of the seagulls (and sometimes other contributions), and the sight of the vastness of the ocean and its waves.
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Where… A beach wedding brings with it a lot of decision and one of those decision for you will undoubtedly be where to have your wedding. An increasing number of bride and groom are choosing to own their wedding on the beach in the Caribbean and in particular the Bahamas which has more beaches and territorial water than the rest of the islands in the Caribbean combined. And while brides have opted for large resorts wedding you actually want to choose a beach for the wedding ceremony that’s not just not crowded but which have as little distraction as possible. It your special day and you are interested to remind special so a secluded beach is that which you want. What’s the beach like? It is important to learn precisely what the characteristics of the beach are. If the beach is confronted with the ocean, there could be high tides, very hot, and windy or calm. If the venue provides a sheltered cove to truly have the wedding there shouldn’t be too much wind and sun and the water should really be fairly calm.
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Beach wedding venues must also be familiar with the tides so your wedding should really be at a time when it is high tide and things, including guests, could float away or have to find themselves standing in water. Give a little additional time for the ceremony to make fully sure your wedding is finished before high tide. Go through the beach and learn how private it is but if you’re going online ensure that you ask this question. You do not want children walking around interrupting your wedding, throwing sand, and other disasters. Most people aren’t aware that every seventh wave is the largest of a series of seven waves. This really is among the few places where nature is based upon the amount seven. Biblically the number seven is the number of God, denoting perfection and completeness. That is all area of the experience I’ve with each beach ceremony I conduct. Most beach weddings I officiate at South Padre Island are small groups. Usually the bride and groom only invite immediate family and several friends. Sometimes it is just the bride and group without family or friends.
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When… Timing is everything for a beach wedding and you wish to make certain that you not only choose the best time of the year but also the proper time of day. And the most effective times of year for a beach wedding in the Bahamas is from the midst of October through the center of June. But that will not mean you can not have your beach wedding during the other four months just that it would have been a bit challenging. As June to November may be the Atlantic Hurricane Season with August through the midst of October being the most active of the hurricane season. There’s undoubtedly that in the Bahamas using its 315 days of sunshine annually, you could have beautiful sunny weather at any time of year but you can even get rained on at just about any moment of year. So you always wish to have an idea B for your wedding on the Beach.
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Plan the setup Although guests will often dress casually for the wedding they still do not wish to sit on beach towels in the sand, especially if they are wearing dresses. Make sure where the chairs will undoubtedly be and if there is planning to be an aisle for you yourself to walk down. Ask the coordinators of the beach wedding venues if they offer an archway or altar to act as a focal point during the wedding ceremony. However, a destination beach wedding is an extended event where all the guests, family and friends, are invited to attend the positioning for a week-end, for instance. Most of the rooms are booked at the exact same hotel or resort. Therefore, it is more than simply a wedding. It is an extended time for folks to take pleasure from each others’company; to have longer conversations and shared events, instead of just a marriage, party and then everyone goes home. This concept is exclusive and can be quite a once in an eternity event. It requires plenty of planning, as the couple is asking all there guests to visit to a remote location at the exact same time. So, it has to be planned ahead of time, to coordinate the dates, book the hotel or resort, and for the guests to plan their calendars for the event.
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And which time of day is best for your wedding ceremony? Well in the event that you and your guest are not accustom to the hot outdoors then the very best time for your wedding ceremony will either be early each day or just before sunset as you won’t have sunlight and the temperature will be a lot cooler. An a benefit of the evening wedding you may want to take into account may be the sunset that will put in a uniqueness to your wedding pictures and the general connection with being on the beach. What to wear… A beach wedding offers you the freedom to wear what you would like to wear as there is no must be formal. So the bride may elect to wear a simple sheathe gown or slip on dress and the groom a light-weight linen suit or pants having an island style open neck shirt. Facilities It could be ideal if the venue could have direct access to the beach but many do not. If the venue is from where the wedding is usually to be held, do they supply a shuttle to the beach? If the answer is yes, check to see how big the shuffle is; ask how many trips they will make, and just how long it would take to get to the site of the ceremony. Learn if there are restroom facilities near the wedding site. If you wish to have your reception at the site of the wedding it could be easier to discover a cater whose specialty is beach wedding receptions. If the reception will be inside check to see if the reception hall includes a great view of the ocean.
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A beach wedding is more spontaneous than the usual destination wedding. However, one thing that I indicate is that a destination beach wedding shouldn’t lose its sense of spontaneity and a fairly casual atmosphere. One of the very off-putting weddings I ever experienced was a beach wedding where all the guests came dressed like for a church wedding: full suits and ties, and the ladies in high heeled dress shoes.. in the sand! Only the minister, myself, was dressed right for a beach wedding, detailed with sandals. I really hope I not have a repeat of the experience. Take the opportunity to plan a beach wedding which will put the focus upon the ceremony that it deserves. And, seek to help make the spiritual connection as you begin your marriage together.

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